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Connected Dots GENERIC SERVER simulators

Connected Dots Generic Server device simulators are used to emulate generic server functions such as DHCP servers and DNS Servers. These server simulators are vendor non-specific and provide a generic user-interface to configure and manage server functions.

Our simulators currently support DHCP Servers and DNS Servers.


Menu Options

The following Menu options are available upon right-clicking a Generic Server:
  • Power On / Off
  • Command Prompt
  • IP Configuration
  • DHCP Server (when avaialble)
  • DNS Server (when avaialble)

Command Prompt

The Command Prompt on a Generic Server features the same Command List as a Windows PC.

IP Configuration

The IP Configuration menu option supports the same features available on a Windows PC. Both manual and DHCP options are available.

DHCP Server

The DHCP server option (where available) allows us to configure and manage DHCP Scopes via a generic Graphical User Interface. Our servers currently support configurable lease expiry options, reservations and exclusions.

DNS Server

The DNS server option is currently under development. Our DNS Servers will support Forward Lookup Zones, Reverse Lookup Zones and DNS forwarding.

Note: Not all menu (or command) options are available all the time. Depending on the specific task or topic, certain options may be disabled.