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Connected Dots Cisco Router and Switch simulators

Connected Dots Cisco network device simulators emulate Cisco routers and switches. Currently, we emulate Cisco 2900 and 3800 series Integrated Services Routers running both IOS Release 12 as well as IOS Release 15 (default). We also emulate Cisco Catalyst 2960 series switches running IOS Release 12. Our router and switch simulators feature the following features.


Menu Options

The following Menu options are available upon right-clicking a Cisco Switch or Router:
  • Console
  • MAC Address Table (on switches)
  • Routing Table (on routers)

Console Features

The "Console" Menu option opens a Cisco CLI window. The following features are available for a Cisco Switch or Router CLI:
  • Command History (↑ and ↓ keys)
  • Context-sensitive help (using a '?')
  • Command abbreviations
  • Command auto complete (using the TAB key)
  • Output modifiers for show commands (using the '|' character)
  • Pasting configuration snippets (Ctrl+V or Right-click → Paste)
Click here for tips on how to use these features efficiently.
Note: Not all menu (or command) options are available all the time. Depending on the specific task or topic, certain options may be disabled.