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Connected Dots Online develops cloud-based interactive software that enables users to gain skills in computer networking.

20+ years of professional experience in computer networking and software development prompted the decision to create browser-based learning software customized for computer networking.

Some of the previous experiences that influenced this effort are:

  • Developing software protocol stacks including PPP, IP, TCP and proprietary upper-layer protocols;
  • Building cutting-edge web applications offering rich user experiences;
  • Architecting global network infrastructure & security solutions for Fortune 100 companies, governmental organizations and educational institutions;
  • Spearheading escalated troubleshooting sessions for multi-vendor enterprise networks.


The learning content on this website seeks to achieve the following:

  • Maximize user-computer interaction;
  • Provide optimal computer-assisted feedback - emulating a live instructor;
  • Make technical details easy to understand;
  • Instill the practise of breaking down complex concepts into fundamental building blocks; and,
  • Inspire users to uncover intuitive strategies that expedite troubleshooting.


Mailing address:
18 King Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C4, Canada

Tel: +1 289-678-1676