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Connected Dots Online is a learning platform dedicated to providing highly effective online resources for anyone seeking to learn Computer Networking or enhance their networking skills.


Our focus is two-fold:

  • to deliver effective training within an online environment
  • to deliver affordable training for anyone who has the desire to improve their skills and knowledge in this field


We strive to ensure effectiveness by removing some of the barriers to learning technical concepts online. We achieve this by:

  • providing the opportunity to perform hands-on configuration, visualize data flow and be exposed to real-world deployment and troubleshooting scenarios
  • presenting thought provoking questions, verifying comprehension at regular intervals, and implementing a feedback mechanism that enables you to correct your own errors
  • structuring our content so that each new concept builds on previous concepts and the overall learning process follows a natural and coherent flow

We provide an online learning platform that eliminates the need for a user to install software or invest in purchasing hardware equipment.


We strive to maintain affordability by making all of our content available for free. Our custom device simulators eliminate the need for a student to puchase hardware for hands-on learning.


Our inspiration comes from the core belief that knowledge is only meaningful if it is made accessible to everyone that seeks to acquire it. Our content development is inspired by the following ideas:

  • In order to truly demystify network devices, it is important to understand how such devices operate, rather than simply learn how to configure them;
  • In order to truly understand network protocols, it is imperative to be able to visualize processes step-by-step, rather than simply observe the end result;
  • In order to master device configuration and network troubleshooting, it is necessary to perform hands-on configuration and be exposed to mulitple configuration and troubleshooting scenarios.
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