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Course 5: VLANs & TRUNKS   

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What you will do

  • Understand the purpose of creating Virtual Local Area Networks on a switch.
  • Learn about access ports and trunk ports and how they are configured on a Cisco switch.
  • Visualize ethernet frame flow in the presence of VLANs / Trunks on a switch.
  • Perform hands-on configuration and troubleshooting of VLAN / Trunking scenarios on Cisco Switches.
  • Understand Inter-VLAN Routing.
  • Investigate Router-on-a-stick configuration.

What you will need

  • An understanding of unicast and broadcast traffic and how they are handled by a switch.
  • Knowledge of the Address Resolution Protocol and ICMP.

After taking this course you will

  • be proficient in configuring VLANs and Trunks on Cisco Switches;
  • be adept at troubleshooting VLANs and Trunking configuration errors on Cisco switches.
Comments & Discussion
Anil1 month ago
The course covers minor details usually not found elsewhere. It's very interactive. You guys have put utmost effort for the development of this course. Thanks for providing it free. Are there any plans for new topics in new future ?
Connected Dots Online1 month ago
Thanks for the feedback, Anil! You're welcome. (Yes, the little details sometimes make a big difference while troubleshooting complex networks.)
Yes, there are plans to develop more topics.
Connected Dots Online5 months ago
Cisco's Dynamic Trunking Protocol is covered in a new post uploaded to the Resources section of the site:
Sherzod5 months ago
It's great! Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next lesson.
Yannick6 months ago
Thanks I just completed the course and it was fantastic.So when will you upload the next courses
Connected Dots Online6 months ago
Thanks for the feedback Yannick! A new lesson has just been uploaded for this course (Router on a stick). The next course should be available in a couple of weeks.
Luisito8 months ago
It's great, I've learn a lot about this course, i'm waiting for nex lesson
Connected Dots Online8 months ago
Thanks Luisito! The next lesson should be uploaded in a few days!
Dmitry9 months ago
Awesome! Loved the way the course is structured, the balance between theory and practice (labs, exercises, activity breaks), interactive features, the visualization tool! Looking forward to the next lesson.
Connected Dots Online9 months ago
Thank you for your constructive and informative feedback, Dmitry! Glad to hear that you found the structure effective. We're hoping to be able to keep increasing the effectiveness of the content we offer!
Sherzod9 months ago
This course is great. Thanks. We look forward to the next lesson!
Connected Dots Online9 months ago
Thank you for the feedback, Sherzod! We should be uploading the next lesson later today.
Connected Dots Online10 months ago
This course is still in development but we have made it available while we continue the development. We hope to make new lessons available every few days.
As usual, any feedback is greatly appreciated!