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Course 6: IP SERVICES - DHCP, DNS & NAT   

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What you will do

  • Learn how devices on a network can obtain IP Address configuration automatically using DHCP.
  • Understand the steps involved in DHCP and the acronym DORA.
  • Learn about DHCP Exclusions, Reservations and Relays.
  • Configure DHCP services on servers and Cisco routers.
  • Understand how the Domain Name System works.
  • Understand how Network Address Translation is used to allow devices on a private network to communicate with devices on the public internet.

What you will need

  • An understanding of unicast and broadcast traffic and how they are handled by a switch.
  • Knowledge of the Address Resolution Protocol and ICMP.
  • An understanding of default gateways and basic routing.
  • Knowledge of how VLANs and trunk links work.

After taking this course you will

  • have a thorough understanding of the DHCP protocol and DHCP messages;
  • be able to configure DHCP scopes, exclusions and reservations on servers and network devices;
  • understand DHCP relays and the use of "ip helpers";
  • understand the purpose of DNS and how it works;
  • understand and configure Network Address Translation on Cisco routers.
Comments & Discussion
Trân2 weeks ago
Do you have add course ? I just have finished Ip Services
Connected Dots Online5 days ago
Hi Trân, you do not need to add more courses. Please keep checking back from time to time. More lessons and courses will be added as they are ready.