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What you will do

  • Learn about Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and how MAC Headers are created.
  • Understand the purpose of a Default Gateway and how a Router forwards traffic between different logical network segments.
  • Visualize the purpose and use of Routing Tables.
  • Visualize the ICMP protocol and comprehend why the Ping Tool is used to troubleshoot network connectivity.
  • Complete hands-on troubleshooting and configuration exercises with step-by-step hints and correction.

What you will need

  • A solid understanding of IP Addresses, Subnet Masks and logical network segments.

After taking this course you will

  • comprehend the association between a MAC Address and an IP Address in a logical network segment;
  • understand Address Resolution Protocol (ARP);
  • be able to explain how a router forwards data packets between different connected network segments;
  • perform basic interface configuration and connectivity troubleshooting on a Cisco Router via its CLI.
Comments & Discussion
Connected Dots Online6 days ago
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heroking3 months ago
After am done and master everything on the website, is there any website that is like this or what website should I go next?
Jason10 months ago
Awesome material - helps me with reinforcing concepts and ideas!!
Connected Dots Online10 months ago
Thank you for the feedback, Jason!
sebedi1 year ago
Perfect, I have studied networking 2 years ago. But, I forgot most concepts this website is very helpful to refresh my memory and re-absorb the theory again. Thankkksss!
Connected Dots Online1 year ago
Thank you for the feedback, Sebedi! Glad to hear that the content is helpful!
shakoor2 years ago
amazing the most effective way of teaching i m so lucky to find such a beautiful platform thank you so much
Connected Dots Online2 years ago
Thank you for the feedback, Shakoor. You're welcome.
Bibek2 years ago
Thank you ConnectedDots for such a wonderful course. I had been searching for such networking course with detailed explation on the packet flow. Thank you very much...
Connected Dots Online2 years ago
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback!
NARENDIRA2 years ago
Hello sir/madam,
I very much enjoy and feel really satisfied with taking your networking course here in connected dots. All the courses, modules, and chapters are very nice!!!

My question is why can't your connected dots organization provide a certificate for finishing a course here in connected dots? My humble suggestion is u can provide a certificate for the learners in order to appreciate learners like me and also it will be very useful to show in our college and for us to apply for an internship related to this field, for in interviews and useful for learners to showcase their learning on social platforms like LinkedIn. I feel many learners will feel appreciated and motivated to enthusiastically continue their learning further with other courses !!!!

This is my humble request, consider this if possible do the needful for us. Thanks in advance !!!

And it is easy for your organization at this lockdown time to do this for your learners who completed a particular course as they have a registered account in your organization. Consider this. Thank you!!!!
Connected Dots Online2 years ago
Hi Narendira, thank you for your feedback, and for bringing up the point about issuing a certificate. In the very near future, there will be a certificate available for everyone that completes Courses 1 to 6. There will be some criteria for the certificate (minimum scores on certain test/exercises and completion of all lessons). This should be available soon after Course 6 is complete (there are still 2-3 more lessons to publish for Course 6.)
NARENDIRA2 years ago
ok, then fine thanks a lot !!!!
Jashan2 years ago
Do you know any website like yours where I can learn programming interactively (in the same way you teach networking).
If you could tell it would be a great help for me.
Connected Dots Online2 years ago
HI Jashan,
For programming, you could perhaps try a website like
Jashan2 years ago
Rajneesh2 years ago


The highlighted line in the Cisco 2911's output tells us that:
The Class C network has been subnetted into smaller subnets with 2 different Subnet Masks (/25 and /32)
2 of those subnets ( and exist in the Routing Table.
Connected Dots Online2 years ago
Hi Rajneesh,
The /32 entries in the Routing Table in IOS 15 simply list out the IP Addresses of the connected interfaces.
In IOS 12, the routing table would include only the connected networks, you would have to use a command such as "show ip interface brief" to figure out the IP Address assigned to an interface.
In IOS 15, there is one entry for a connected network and a 2nd (/32) entry that indicates what IP Address is assigned to the interface that is connected to that network.
Does that help make things clearer?
Rajneesh2 years ago
thank you i understand
Keerthana3 years ago
When will courses 6,7 and 8 be available?
Connected Dots Online3 years ago
Hi Keerthana,
Course 6 should be available by end-July. Courses 7 and 8 will be available a little later in the year.
Keerthana3 years ago
Sherzod3 years ago
Very good course, thanks.
Connected Dots Online3 years ago
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback!
FISTON3 years ago
the difference between ip static and ip dhcp
Connected Dots Online3 years ago
Hi Fiston, DHCP will be covered in detail in Course 6. It should be available sometime in May.
FISTON3 years ago
it's very good course