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What you will do

  • Learn about Binary Numbers, bits, bytes and octets. Understand how an IP Address and Subnet Mask combine together to define a logical network segment.
  • Master calculating Broadcast and Network Addresses. Learn about Classful IP Addressing.
  • Become comfortable wth CIDR Notation, Route Summarization and various Subnetting problems.
  • Complete a large number of computer-generated problems with step-by-step hints and correction.

What you will need

  • A desire to master subnetting skills.
  • Basic math skills.

After taking this course you will

  • identify logical network segments based on an IP Address and Subnet Mask;
  • convert between decimal dot and CIDR notation;
  • perform subnetting calulations as required for real-world network deployment scenarios.
Comments & Discussion
Miguel3 months ago
Love It!!
Connected Dots Online2 months ago
Great to hear! Thanks!
Trân7 months ago
I had passed section IO Addressing & subnetting
introduction to network segments.
Connected Dots Online7 months ago
Trân8 months ago
When I finished for the Course list, I can test CCNA, That's right?
Connected Dots Online8 months ago
Hi Trân, this course list is a good beginning to get started on learning networking. As it stands currently, it does not cover everything that will be tested on the CCNA exam. Over the next few months we will be adding more courses to the course list that will cover the rest of the material that is tested on the CCNA exam.
Trân8 months ago
thanks so much. I hope that you can add in the CCNA Test.
jagbir5 months ago
is this addition done?
Connected Dots Online5 months ago
Hi Jagbir, we will not be adding an online CCNA exam. We will keep adding content to help learn and practice the content covered on the CCNA exam.
jagbir5 months ago
is the available content enough to crack CCNA exam
Connected Dots Online5 months ago
Hi Jagbir,
The content covered in this particular course should be sufficient to pass the subnetting portion of the CCNA exam. However, courses to cover other topics on the CCNA exam such as OSPF, RIP, IP Services, TCP/UDP are still under development.
Trân8 months ago
I am happy when I learn to this section, I am thankful you
Connected Dots Online8 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Trân! You're welcome!
Shiv9 months ago
This is without a doubt the best interactive network training material. The methodoloy to teach is so simplistic yet interactive that even newbies can grasp the complicated concepts. There are plenty of examples and exercises to make sure you truly understand all concepts.

Thank you very much for creating such an unique way of teaching Networking concepts.
Connected Dots Online9 months ago
Thank you for your feedback, Shiv! You're welcome! Always glad to hear that the content helps to truly understand the concepts well.
Dmitry9 months ago
in the 1st chapter, "Introduction To Number Systems", it says, "the hexadecimal system employs numbers 0-7 and letters A-F". Isn't it "0-9"? That said, thank you very much for the course - really helpful!
Connected Dots Online9 months ago
Thanks very much for pointing out that mistake, Dmitry! You are correct, it should read "0-9". It has been fixed now. Thank you for your feedback as well. It's great to hear that the content is helpful!
akter9 months ago
Connected Dots Online9 months ago
Thanks for your feedback, Akter!
Sherzod9 months ago
Very good,thanks
Connected Dots Online9 months ago
Thank you for your feedback!