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What you will do

  • Perform hands-on observations of ethernet frame flow in a simple LAN.
  • Learn about Network Interface Cards, MAC Addresses, Network Headers and Basic Switch Operation.
  • Comprehend the purpose of a MAC Address Table and observe its use.
  • Learn about Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast Traffic.
  • Confirm your understanding of how a switch processes traffic as it arrives at an interface.
  • Learn how to use the Command Line Interface on a Cisco C2960 series switch.

What you will need

  • Curiosity and the desire to learn what makes a Local Area Network function.

After taking this course you will

  • consider events from a network device point of view rather than a network administrator point of view;
  • understand how a switch inspects Layer 2 headers to make forwarding decisions; and
  • possess a good understanding of how a LAN functions.
  • be familiar with Cisco Command Line Interface.
Comments & Discussion
Adebayo10 hours ago
Question....Another name for physical address?
Adebayo15 hours ago
Pls....This is christopher....i am a novies to this courses and i wants to learn everything that has to do with networking, but I am seeking your help inorder to catchup and understand well...
Connected Dots Online12 hours ago
Hi Christopher, please feel free to post here if you have any questions regarding the content. Best of luck with the learning!
Sam2 days ago
im so shook... this is absolutely amazing ! i love networking but hate watching hours of lectures and i lose focus after reading for even a few minutes. This is the way ive always wanted to learn !
Connected Dots Online2 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, Sam! Great to hear!
abdulwahab2 days ago
ready to learn
Connected Dots Online2 days ago
Best of luck!
Ramone3 days ago
I really can't believe that all these materials and training are free! I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I love this course.
Connected Dots Online3 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, Ramone! That is great to hear!
Prachi4 days ago
Hi is all the courses and materials available here are free or should I pay anything??
Connected Dots Online4 days ago
Hi Prachi,
All of the material that is available here is available for free.
christian2 weeks ago
hi, i have a question on switching.Assuming we have a new LAN connection of four computers connected via a switch ,how will a one computer learn the mac address of the other if its the first time communication between the two computers.
Connected Dots Online2 weeks ago
Hi Christian, that question is covered in the course "Routing Basics" in the the first 2 lessons ("Review - Network Headers" and "Address Resolution Protocol").
Feel free to skip ahead and complete those 2 lessons.
james1 month ago
on 4.2 the switch cli does not work properly the enable function and many more are not working
Connected Dots Online1 month ago
Hi James, is it in 4.2 or 4.3 that the switch CLI isn't working? Could you please send a screenshot via email to
Isaiah1 month ago
Well I am a newbie and in fact you have given me an insight into networking and may you be blessed Amen. I will continue to complete this course and write the CCNA to make you proud of me and fulfill your dream and agenda for creating this course.
Connected Dots Online1 month ago
Thank you for the feedback, Isaiah! Best of luck with the studying!
Isaiah1 month ago
You are Welcome
PC1 month ago
You are the best.
Quiverus1 month ago
I'd like to ask, what is a difference betweeen dynamic and static mac address? And what is the reason to manually add a static address into mac address table?
Quiverus1 month ago
Or in other words: when and why does someone add a static mac address to the mac address table?
Connected Dots Online1 month ago
Hi Quiverus, in general, today there are very few situations where you would need to add a static MAC address entry into a switch. One advantage of adding a static entry is that the entry remains in the MAC address table even after the switch is rebooted. In very rare cases you may have a device that mostly receives traffic (it may be some kind of a data collector) and does not send out acknowledgements or any other kind of traffic. In such a case, it is useful to manually add a static MAC address entry, otherwise this device's mac address may never get saved in the switch's MAC Address Table.
Quiverus1 month ago
Yeah, this data collector thing makes a lot of sense and in this particular case it is cruicial to add it's MAC address manually into the MAC Address Table. Thank You so much for the anwser! I'm so glad that You anwser questions like these, so everybody can understand networking even more and because of that, learning brings even more joy!
abexxs2 months ago
This is a great website to learn networking for newbies like me! Keep up the good work. After completing the courses, can you recommend any books to deepen the knowledge?
Quiverus2 months ago
So far this course is wonderful! I bet that after doing all the topics I will have a good understanding of networks, especially that I've wanted to learn about them for quite a while. I wish courses like these were available on every branch of IT...
Connected Dots Online2 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Quiverus! Best of luck with the learning!
Quiverus2 months ago
Thank You so much!
Jashan2 months ago
Thnks n keep uploading such interactive courses.
Newbies like me can learn so well ... can't express.
Connected Dots Online2 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Jashan!
Vedikaa2 months ago
is this a certified course?
Connected Dots Online2 months ago
Hi Vedikaa,
The content on this site is intended to help you prepare for certification exams such as CCNA. You still have to register for and write the certification exams by yourself.
Bismark3 months ago
Great work guys, am new to Networking, and this made me love it more.
Thank you
Connected Dots Online3 months ago
Thank you for the feedback, Bismark. You are welcome!
Kahouli3 months ago
This is heaven.
Connected Dots Online3 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Kahouli! :)
hamed3 months ago
I would like to thank all the managers of this site, the gentlemen of the site, and all those working in it. About us is the best reward, and may God grant you success in continuing this virtue and this scientific giving, which is characterized by humanity and giving ... My prayers for you are always successful in this human journey ...
Connected Dots Online3 months ago
Thank you Hamed! Hope you are finding the site and the content useful!
Dawit3 months ago
I would like to say Thank you for this course, it is very helping in my future career. You made it easy and simple to understand the course and thank you again.
Connected Dots Online3 months ago
You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback, Dawit!
Caroline4 months ago
Thank you so so much.... A POT OF GOLD for sure.
Connected Dots Online4 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Caroline! You're welcome!
Dawit4 months ago
Thank you, so much you don't have any idea how much you helped me.
Connected Dots Online4 months ago
You're welcome, Dawit! Glad to hear that the material was helpful!
Deanna5 months ago
Thank you for making this available free of charge. It is a great course - especially for this beginner!!!
Connected Dots Online4 months ago
Glad to hear that, Deanna! Thank you for your feedback!
Bzhar6 months ago
Great , Great Stuff
Connected Dots Online4 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Bzhar!
John6 months ago
amazing .coolist learning sites that I ever have.I will never be boring while learning.Thank you for this wonderful learning style.
Connected Dots Online6 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, John! You're welcome.
George7 months ago
Anybody willing to partner me in study towards CCNA R&S mid January. please contact me. This site is all we need unless I am wrong. But we need to push each other.
George7 months ago
I am grateful for this site. Great stuff. I will be a willing to assist others grasp networking
Connected Dots Online7 months ago
Glad to hear that, George! Thanks for your feedback!
Elijah8 months ago
I really appreciate this website. I'm making a career switch from Telecommunications to a potential IT role at a NOC. The job posting said they're willing to train. But I want to do everything in my power to close that knowledge gap before the first interview. This website is my answer and savior. Thank you so much. Good quality content.
Connected Dots Online8 months ago
Thanks for your feedback, Elijah! You're welcome. Great to hear that you're finding the content useful and effective. Best of luck with the interview process!
Dakota8 months ago
I use this as a guideline for my students to get an interactive way to learn networking. They love it!
Connected Dots Online8 months ago
That's great to hear, Dakota! Thanks for the feedback!
WilsonFaz8 months ago
Thanks Dakota
Zyeair8 months ago
Hi It's me Zyeair
Andy8 months ago
hey Zyeair
Shoukat10 months ago
This is a good web site for new learners. Thank you so much for good effort.
Connected Dots Online10 months ago
Thank you for your feedback, Shoukat. You're welcome. Glad you're finding the content useful!
chetan10 months ago
Bitupan13 months ago
very good course for beginners..Thank you for your course
Connected Dots Online13 months ago
Thank you for your feedback, Bitupan! You're welcome!
Trân14 months ago
I hope that You have many course more which related network and protocal. Thanks so much
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
Hi Trân, you're welcome! Yes, there are more courses planned. The courses will follow a logical progression and build on each other.
Labs14 months ago
learned new things about switches and interfaces. great courses. any advice you can give me to start my network career and where i can train for CCNA?
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
Hi Labs, you can follow all the courses on this site to get started. Even though the content on the site does not yet fully cover everything required to pass the CCNA, it is a good start to get an in-depth understanding of the topics that are covered. I would recommend following all the courses on the site and using a book to cover the content that is not covered here yet. The courses on this site are a good complement to visually understand the concepts covered in books. Hope that helps!
Abdul14 months ago
its so good to knowledge i have gained in Connected Dots online
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
Thank you for your feedback, and the vote of confidence, Abdul! We intend to release a lot more content that we hope will be useful and effective.
Solomon14 months ago
So Far So Good, courses are great, visuals are awesome......keep it up!
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
Thanks for your feedback, Solomon!
Rajneesh14 months ago
thank you this course is very helpful recommend to every networking beginner.
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
Thanks for your feedback, Rajneesh!
Sherzod14 months ago
Very good. Thanks
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
Thanks for your feedback! You're welcome!
akter14 months ago
Connected Dots Online14 months ago
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback!
sajal15 months ago
always wanted to learn networking but never knew where to start. this course is extremely helpful. Thank you.
Connected Dots Online15 months ago
That's great to hear! Thanks for the feedback!
David15 months ago
I have had an issue where I completed the assigned task (answered the question correctly) during the "Cisco Switch CLI - Exercises" and the system would not move forward until I clicked on the hint and then answer. I have saved a screenshot if you need it. Otherwise this is an amazing learning resource. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Connected Dots Online15 months ago
Hi David, thanks for the feedback, and the heads-up regarding the issue you faced. If you could please email the screenshot to we will look into it right away! Thanks again for the heads up!
David15 months ago
Sent. Thanks for the quick response.
Connected Dots Online15 months ago
Thanks for sending us the detailed screenshot. This issue has now been fixed. Thanks again for pointing it out!
Connected Dots Online16 months ago
We are working on an update to the lesson "Introduction to Cisco Switch CLI" as per Billy's suggestion below. We have already incorporated one "Activity Break" into the lesson and are working on incorporating 2 more of these. This should be ready in a day or 2. We will advise when the update is complete.
Billy16 months ago
That's awesome, thanks! I will definitely revisit that one in the future then.
Connected Dots Online16 months ago
Update: Activity Breaks 2 and 3 has been added to this lesson. We are working on one more.
Billy16 months ago
I've been taking these courses and enjoying them. Thanks for this resource! My one bit of feedback so far, I think it would be beneficial if in the "Intro to Cisco Switch CLI" there was a bit more of an interactive flow to it. Having a few boxes where it's explained and then you follow it up by doing it as well yourself would help to cement that knowledge. By the time I got to the exercise section I was scrambling through my notes and forgetting a lot of what I had just read.
Connected Dots Online16 months ago
Hi Billy. Thanks for the feedback. That is extremely useful feedback. We will modify that particular lesson to incorporate your suggestions. Please keep the feedback coming!
levin16 months ago
My internet connection got lost in a middle of a session and now I can't go on with the unit I was doing at the time
Connected Dots Online16 months ago
Hi Levin, please check your email for a message from us. Thanks!
Ric17 months ago
It would be good to be able to pick up where I left off when I resume a lesson. As it is now I have to scroll through previously completed sections.
Connected Dots Online17 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Ric! This is already being incorporated into some of the newer lessons. It will be incorporated into the older lesson content over time.
farhan21 months ago
great course, visuals were great. thanks for this course
Connected Dots Online21 months ago
Thanks for your feedback Farhan!